The Video Tape That Can Save Your Business !

How To Get A Million Dollars Of FREE Publicity

By: Dr. Paul Hartunian

Most likely you have heard or seen Dr. Paul Hartunian on TV or Radio already. Dr. Paul Hartunian really is the man who sold the World Famous Brooklyn Bridge! His story has been seen on hundreds of radio and TV shows, newspapers and magazine articles.

Over the past seventeen years, Dr. Hartunian has tested and perfected his unique publicity system. His system is so effective that hundreds of companies pay him huge multi-thousand dollar fees just to review their releases before sending out press and publicity releases.

In this easy to understand, dynamic and exciting presentation, Dr. Hartunian reveals how anyone can get thousands of dollars of free publicity for their product, business, service or cause!

If you've ever watched a TV show where someone pitched their product you probably wondered "How did they get on TV"?

On this tape Paul will teach you how you can do the same thing yourself!

Paul has appeared on Sally, The Phil Donahue Show, Jenny Jones, Johnny Carson and hundreds of other shows. The best part is that they all ASKED HIM to appear! You can get the same sort of results too with Paul's expert guidance.

This videotape will change the way you approach advertising ! It will prove to you that the BEST advertising is FREE. And show you exactly how to get it.

Free publicity is the only realistic way the "little guy (or gal)" can effectively compete head to head with the biggest companies in the business .

If your are not taking advantage of FREE publicity for your business, you are throwing money away. Not learning these press release techniques could be the biggest mistake of your business career.

After watching this video, you'll never want to spend a dime on advertising again! This video could easily save your business!

How much is this powerful, must have information? Not $99, Not $69, Not $49 or even $29. Right now you can purchase this factory sealed video for only $19.95 plus $5 shipping and handling ($24.95 total).

Think of it. Only $19.95 for information that could bring you tens of thousands of dollars in free publicity.

But we only have a limited supply of these tapes on hand right now at this price. So order right now and it will be on the way to you within 24 hours!

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